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Industry-Leading Technology Innovation Awards in Artificial Intelligence


Over the years we have been issued numerous patents for the technologies we have developed. Many have been sold to Microsoft and licensed to most major banks and are included in the current Microsoft 10. But the most rewarding has been the numerous awards we have been awarded from some of the largest Fortune 100 companies including Ford, Intel, Amazon, Samsung, Ericsson, among others.


Our Story

Since the beginning at the National Press Club in Washington DC, Quantitative Technologies has been creating new standards in publishing and information technology.

In the 1980s we first innovated incorporating plastic records in magazines from digital technology which quickly became the standard. Soon afterwards we expanded to CDs and DVD technology in magazines which then become standards.

In the 1980s we also innovated the first digital layout and publishing system for magazines which has since become the defacto standard in publishing.

In the 1990s we innovated information security for the Internet and worked with Congress to make those standards for quickly and securely processing information over the Internet.

In the 2000s we were granted patents for information processing over the Internet which is in use today by most major banks, Amazon, Walmart, Microsoft, Apple and most every major company.

Since those early days, Quantitative Technologies has gone on to win awards in innovation from Intel, Amazon, Ford Motor Company, and Samsung among others.

Whatever we innovate, it becomes new standards to push industries forward.

Quantitative Technologies pioneered fourth generation, fully-autonomous, artificial intelligence. These AI's are capable of self-healing, self-monitoring and self-adaptation. They employ mission or objective based heuristics to make them highly adaptive in achieving their goals.

Many of our technologies and algorithmic systems have been licensed and used by banks, and other institutions, and are also incorporated into Microsoft Windows 10.

Our team is a multiple award winner in Artificial Intelligence from Ford, AT&T, Ericsson, Samsung, Amazon, Intel and also worked with Deutsche Bank, Citibank among others.

Numerous issued patents in algorithmic application which are licensed and used by every major bank.

We pioneered artificial intelligence in analyzing data using similar approaches for analyzing markets for predictive marketing analytics to learn what content drives customer interaction.


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