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There Is A Difference Between
Wholesale And Retail Advertising

For the average business, advertising is monopolized by Google and Facebook. That monopoly allows them to LIMIT your results and forces you to pay
EXCESSIVE COSTS. The net result is that it's rarely successful. Wholesale is different.


the gold standard in enterprise advertising

If your advertising budget is over 5-million dollars per year, then you're intimately familiar with this technology.

This is part of our small business initiative to make this technology available for smaller businesses.

The Algorithmic Direct Channel technology is well established. It's been in use by large companies who watch everything like a hawk... and demand performance. Any company or advertiser who spends more than ten-million dollars a year uses it.

Technology like this basically draw the line between retail, "mom and pop" type advertising and true wholesale, enterprise advertising.


You may not have heard of this type of technology before because of the expense and technical complexity.


You need to spend over millions of dollars per year in advertising (at the bare minimum), and you need a technical team well versed in artificial intelligence.


For good reason, it's not marketed to the consumer and small business market.

However... it is the gold standard in high-end advertising industry

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