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* Get a youtube channel.
* Get 50,000 people per month.
* Become known as the local authority

50,000 local video impressions per month
driven to your website
from your own YouTube channel

  • 90-Day Research Study, Below-Cost Pricing

  • 2023 Video Study for Realtor Spring Selling Season

  • LIMITED 50 Spots


The purpose of this study is to rapidly increase the total data obtained by our video technology to accelerate the learning and improvements made by our AI to improve the quality and efficacy of our technology.

​This first round of accelerated research will reward 50 agents with extremely easy access to high-level technology in exchange for hosting and implementing it into their businesses.​

Our goal is to generate the biggest result possible from this technology and demonstrate the effect this technology will have in the real estate industry.


  • The research study is contracted for the 90-days due to the nature of the research. Afterwards, as an additional gratitude, we will continue service month-to-month at the same price for a total of 6 months.

  • At the end of 6 months, you may renew service for the value of the channel.

  • IF during the 6 months there is an offer for the county at its value, you will be given first-right-of-refusal to upgrade, otherwise the county will be forfeit to the offeror.

  • The total number of agents we are accepting for this study is 50, allowing one agent one county. Once we have 50 agents this study will be closed to additional agents.

  • Participants will honor the intention of this program and take advantage of our technology to the best of their abilities in their business.

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