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innovating and creating industry standards

worked with Congress in Washington D.C. on new technology standards for security of private information.


Quantitative Technologies has been faithfully serving the numerous industries, hedge funds, and private equity for over thirty years.


In that time, we've earned countless awards and patents in artificial intelligence, and innovation solving hard problems using advanced algorithmic approaches.

Individualistic AI,
not generalizations

An approach to artificial intelligence that focuses on the individual instead of generalities to help solve infant breathing risks.

Driver biomechanics Protect truck drivers

An artificial intelligence that learns individual biomechanics to help drivers and fleet operators keep our roads and highways safe.

Ride sharing for the environment

A multi-modal transportation artificial intelligence for the ride-sharing era to help save time, fuel, and the environment.

Make core technology accomplish more

Why change when your existing technology is capable of  so much more. Do more without having to change everything.

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

Since the beginning at the National Press Club in Washington DC, Quantitative Technologies has been creating new standards in technology.

Innovated the first digital layout and publishing system for magazines which has since become the defacto standard in publishing.

Innovated information security for the Internet and worked with Congress to make those standards for quickly and securely processing information over the Internet.

Granted patents for information processing over the Internet which is in use today by most major banks, Amazon, Walmart, Microsoft, Apple and most every major company.

Since those early days, Quantitative Technologies has gone on to win awards in innovation from Intel, Amazon, Ford Motor Company, and Samsung among others.

Whatever we innovate, it becomes new standards to push industries forward.

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