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Due to the nature of this program, we ask that you place a deposit to hold your level of territory for 30 days. Once you are in the program, your first 90 days are free, and our service fees will be waived.*


For the New Year, the deposit has been reduce by 50% and the long-term contract has been eliminated so you can see how this works for your practice.


* Your deposit will lock out your territory and prevent your competitors from accessing this program so you can have unlimited new patients from your entire area as well as be applied to your initial advertising budget and is therefore non-refundable.



  • Reserves your entire city for 30 days
    Once you claim your city code, it's yours. It will not be offered to your competitors so you can have unlimited new patients from your entire city.***
  • Your deposit will be applied to your advertising.
    So your deposit is put to work.
  • First 30 Days Analysis
    We will set up your custom artificial intelligence and servers and the AI will identify the potential patients in your area.* 


  • Next 60-90 Days
    Your AI will refine the types of patients you want based on your feedback. In the end, you will know exactly what your cost per patient type is.**

    This means that now you can decide how many of each patient type you want every month, and you literally "order" how many patients you want. 


* You can expect your first patients in these first 30 days. 

** Of course, each area is different, and there are seasonality shifts. However, you will have control with a high degree of certainty, to choose how many patients you want each month. 

INFUSEai - Entire City Exclusive Control

$2,000.00 Regular Price
$987.00Sale Price
  • You get exclusive access to INFUSEai for your territory, and bar your competitors from getting access.


    INFUSEai is a specialized AI that is capable of identifying specific patient types and insurances in your area.


    INFUSEai then learns, and finally brings those patients, based on procedure types you request -- to your practice.


    You can specify specific procedure types to target, and/or general patients as well.


    Setup Fee: None. ($1,500 Setup Fee Waived for Promotion)


    Technology Fee: There is an annual fee of $30,000. However, for this promotion, the first 90 days are at zero fees. You can choose to continue or cancel at any time. If you choose to cancel, there is zero obligation. If you choose to continue, you will be billed the annual fee at the end of 90 days, and you can then choose how many new patients you want every month.


    Advertising Budget: Every month you will allocate an advertising budget with a minimum of 2500/month. If you are in a smaller area, we can make other arrangements.​


    Contract: Normally, this is an annual contract. For this promotion, it is only month-to-month so you can see how it works within your growth plans for 2023.


    ​Availability: One practice per territory


    ** While supplies last. Only one practice permitted per city. Check for availability online or ask through chat.

* Apply Discount Code on next page.

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