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Executive Summary

Unlimited quantities of Med Spa Procedures for your practice.

Up to 500 New Procedures Per Month*

Capture all PRE-search BEFORE search. Through private partnership with major browsers: Apple, Google & Microsoft to collect 100% of people who search for medical spa procedures.

So you can choose the pace your practice grows.

Only one practice per area.

A 10-Year Proven Technology used by Fortune 500 companies.

100% done-for-you...

So you can start immediately and get immediate results.

Directly integrates into your current practice management software...

So you can grow with zero stress to your staff.

* Actual numbers are based on your territory, and seasonality. Whatever the number of procedures are done per month for your territory, we have the ability to capture the majority of them. Traditional small business approaches such as pay-per-click and SEO are gated. You can get a few results. Fortune 500 companies have much larger appetites and use a different technology. This is based on that enterprise scale technology to provide large scale results.

Artificial Intelligence Driven

Patient Acquisition

Patient Acquisition & AI Follow-Up
Fact Sheet


What is this program?

This is a patient acquisition program that acquires 100% of patient leads from two primary sources, then converts them into patients through an automated, AI driven follow-up system.

What is the WebMD and Mayo Clinic patient intercept and extraction technology?

Through a private partnership with WebMD and Mayo Clinic, any searches for medspa procedures are acquired by us as patient leads. Those patient leads include specific details they searched for along with other demographics such as age, location, and other detailed psychographic information.


What is the Patient Intercept from Apple, Microsoft and Google?

Through our private partnerships: Apple, Microsoft and Google will give us access to all users who search through their browsers. We will acquire 100% of matching users while they are typing as potential patients and put them in your patient lead list for follow-up. This 100% bypasses all rationing from Google PPC and outperforms any SEO efforts many times over. You own 100% of all medspa searches permanently so you can follow-up with them as many times as you wish.

Technology Overview (97 seconds)

What is the automated AI follow-up technology?
With traditional small business advertising, you get one chance, and they see you only once. This is different. You get to own 100% of every person looking for a provider. Since you own them, the follow-up system can stay on top of them until they schedule an appointment.

We have artificial intelligence follow-up technology targeted for large hospitals and pharmaceutical companies based on award winning technology with awards from Amazon, AT&T, and Samsung. The artificial intelligence will analyze, adapt and follow-up with all patient leads acquired from Apple, Google and Microsoft.

How is the follow-up conducted?

The AI utilizes advertising and text messaging to adaptively follow, analyze and make patients contact you by phone or text message, and directly integrate them into your current EMR/EHR. 

How many new procedures can I expect per month?

Since this program is limited to one practice per region, it is capable of producing hundreds of physical visits to your practice. Of course, we can adjust the rate of visits to accommodate your practice, and planned growth. Your capacities and growth plans will be discussed during your initial call.

Is this similar to Facebook Ads/SEO/Google Pay-Per-Click?

This technology bypasses all of the above. Facebook/Google rations out leads to maximize their revenue. Instead of a few rationed leads here and there, with INFUSEai you will have thousands of all potential patients and procedures, and hundreds of office visits from your area with zero rationing. You will be utilizing the same technology used by large hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, completely different from small business methodologies.

Is this new technology?

No. The patient acquisition technology is more than 10 years old. The AI based follow-up is also old. These technologies are utilized by Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies who employ detailed user profiling. We are one such provider of artificial intelligence technologies for them. We are advancing that technology using artificial intelligence.

What does my custom Patient Acquisition AI Server Cluster do?

The Acquisition AI Server Cluster is a proprietary artificial intelligence that conducts testing and automated experimentation to learn and understand how to influence the thinking of people in your area. It achieves this by conducting automated experimentation and exploration using proprietary machine learning and cross-referencing algorithms to achieve its goal: converting patients into medspa procedures for your practice.


Until lab automation, lab work used to be incredibly slow due to the intense, and exacting labor requirements. The artificial intelligence at the heart of INFUSEai is conducting hundreds of experiments and analysis for you daily. Intelligent automation is what makes it possible.

What are the criteria for gaining access to this program?

Since we are currently only accepting limited number medspa practices at subsidized pricing, there are specific criteria. As each slot fills, those criteria narrow. So, to be considered, please contact us.

Is this available to more than one medspa practice per county?

No. Even for large counties, due to artificial intelligence profiling objectives, we will only offer this program to one medspa practice per county.

What if my medspa practice covers more than one county?

That's no problem. The artificial intelligence can be adapted to draw from multiple regions. During the program setup, you simply specify what territories you cover.

Is this appropriate for smaller practices?

It depends. This program requires an organizational structure to manage the lead flow which can be in the hundreds to low thousands per month (depending on the size of the area, and time of year).

What will be required of me and my practice?

There is very little to do on your part. We ask that you feed back to us which people turned into patients/procedures (HIPPA limited of course), so that we can feed that info back to the artificial intelligence, machine learning system. You also agree to permit us to use (anonymized) statistics gathered in case studies and white papers.

How will patients be delivered to me?

During our initial setup, we will attempt to integrate directly into whatever system you have in place. The majority of patients will come through directly by calling you or right into your EMR/EHR or scheduling system. This process is flexible and designed to assist you in managing the incoming procedure requests.

Can you show me a few examples?

We never share client information due to privacy, business and HIPAA reasons. However, we can give a few examples of recent programs so you can plan your practice staffing and patient management. Keep in mind that due to your exclusivity, these numbers can be adjusted up or down based on your practice growth and management strategy.

Multi-Office Practice - Diversity of Procedures, Staffing, Membership Program

This example combines various objectives as a diverse targeting mission for the artificial intelligence. The system is able to identify which populations are the most productive for the practice, then harvest patients and procedures. Through adaptive analytics and follow-up, the system is able to average 583 appointments per month, and 36 membership plans per month. In addition, a total of 211 staffing inquiries.

Pediatric Dentistry Practice - Highly Focused Patient Types + Proximity

This example combines highly focused patient types in proximity to the practice's office location. The system identifies adults with appropriately aged children and adds them to a potential patient list. Through adaptive follow-up and proximity tracking, the system identifies the physical homes of these parents, and then blanket the household with follow-up. The system averages 588 parents per month, bringing new pediatric patients into the physical office for appointments.

Wellness Center - Specific Procedures + Proximity Targeting

This example combines procedure targeting with proximity of patients to the center. The system learns what specific target procedure searches are done in real-time, combines with research being done on the medical sites. Those potential patients are acquired, and the follow-up system learns how to drive those potential patients into the physical center location. The system averages 566 physical office visits ​per month.

Women's Health Clinic - Specific Procedures + Focused Patient Types + Limited Capacity

This example combines specific procedure types along with a narrowly focused patient type. The system is able to identify clusters of the specific patient type using research and search terms, then track those users back into physical office visits. This clinic has hard limits on capacity. The system is able to adjust to ensure the clinic hits capacity each month.

Why are you offering this to my medspa practice?

The artificial intelligence is for large pharmaceutical companies to target specific patient types. You will be helping us expose our follow-up artificial intelligence to additional patient types to improve its robustness and its ability to learn and utilize psychological influences. In exchange for helping us refine our AI, you will be offered an additional two years of county-wide exclusive coverage.


What are the costs?

This artificial intelligence is based on Intel/Amazon/Samsung award-winning technology, and was five years in engineering development. For perspective, it costs Microsoft more than 10 million dollars per day for Bing ChatGPT search. Our AI, which is similar technology, has over 1 million dollars in annual running costs. However, if you are accepted into this program, there is a highly subsidized, reduced investment on your part.  Schedule a call for details.


Infuse Growth into Your Practice At Will

WARNING: Strict Limitations

This program is designed to enhance our artificial intelligence's machine learning by providing it more diversity of data, geographics, demographics and procedure types.

The ultimate users of this technology are large pharmaceutical companies. To achieve this goal, we are inviting a limited number of medspa practices to participate in this program.


Your acceptance in this program is determined by two criteria:

(1) You meet certain criteria required for the enhancement of our AI. This may include your location, and the population types in your area. This will be discussed over the phone.

(2) Your geographic area is still available. If another practice has already claimed your area, then you will not be permitted to participate.

What to Expect - First 90 Days

Identifying patients, and getting them to choose your practice is the mission objective of the AI. It will learn and adapt specifically to your location and the surrounding demographics.


The AI will be testing and refining behavioral science techniques to help trigger how and what your patients decide.

First 30 Days:  Assess the Terrain 

The AI will profile your territory. You can specify city, county, or a driving radius around your practice. Once you claim your territory, it is yours. It will not be offered to your competitors so you can have unlimited new patients from your territory.**

We will set up your custom artificial intelligence and servers and the AI will identify and quantify the potential patients in your area*. It will begin learning which pockets of populations, and demographic types are most likely to respond to your chosen procedures.

* You can expect your first patients in these first 30 days.

Days 30-60: Trigger the Brain 

Your AI will continue to expand experimentation of behavioral triggers for each population/demographic cluster. The automated experimentation will apply these behavioral science insights to further trigger patients to schedule with your office. At this stage, the AI will further refine the methodologies of acquiring patients you want based on your feedback. The goal at the end of this period is you will know exactly the cost per procedure for your practice*.

This means that now you can decide how many of each procedure you want every month, and you literally "order" them.

* Of course, each area is different, and there are seasonality shifts. However, you will have control with a high degree of certainty, so you can choose how many patients you want each month.

Days 60-90 and Ongoing: Measure the Gain

The experimental activity and results are algorithmically expanded to search out additional pockets of patients to harvest, and data is measured and used to continuously improve subsequent experiments.


Each ​month, you continue to choose how many, and which procedure you want so you can grow your practice with control, and at the rate that you choose.

** To ensure that each practice can have the full potential of patients per region, once a region is taken, you will not be permitted into the program. This is a one-practice-takes-all situation in order to fulfill growth goals of that practice. The practice will define the territory including entire counties/regions. So it is very possibly that your city will not be available. We will however offer a waiting list if your territory is already claimed.

Claim Your Territory

Due to the exclusive nature of this program,** we ask that you speak with us to see if your practice qualifies. Use the form below to book a quick 15-minute briefing call.

** To ensure that each practice can have the full potential of patients per territory, once a territory is taken, you will not be permitted into the program. This is a one-practice-takes-all situation in order to fulfill growth goals of that practice. The practice will define the territory including entire counties/regions. So it is very possibly that your city will not be available as well. We will however offer a waiting list if your territory is already claimed. 

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