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Generate Inquiries from Medical Practices

Executive Summary

Medical Equipment Practice Acquisition Technology

Have Medical Practices Call You

Through Direct-Practice Targeting Technology

Based on technology we built for pharmaceutical companies.

PUSH: Target owners and key employees of practices at work, and all the devices at their home so they only see your equipment on all their devices.

PULL: Target their clients/patients on mobile, and on all the devices in their homes encouraging them to ask about your equipment.

DEMAND: Generate new clients/patients for those practices who use your equipment.

Artificial Intelligence Driven

Practice Placement AI

Practice Placement & AI Follow-Up
Fact Sheet

What is the Practice Placement Technology

This is an artificial intelligence technology. It has a three-prong approach. These are the three tenets used by pharmaceutical 


  1. PUSH: The AI targets key employees to generate inquiries for your technology.

  2. PULL: The AI targets the patients of those practices to generate requests for your technology.

  3. DEMAND: The AI will generate leads for those practices that purchase your equipment.

How is the AI capable of targeting at that level of detail?

The AI is capable of accessing targeting and tracking normally only available to Fortune 100 companies. Through our pharmaceutical project, we are able to make this available to you. The AI combines data from multiple sources including: business databases, cellular triangulation, satellite tracking, and contracts with Apple, Microsoft, and various cellular companies.


How many inquiries can I expect?

The heart of this AI is designed fo scale. What this means to you is that you have direct control over how many inquiries you want to drive and the rate.

How does the AI generate inquiries?

The AI is set up with the most salient benefits of your technology and equipment. It then conducts experiments with machines learning to determine the best approach for each target. The AI will combine advertising, text messaging and possibly even television to achieve its results.

Is the system and AI privacy compliant?

The AI is designed to exceed privacy and HIPAA requirements.

What does the AI Learning Server Cluster do?

The AI Learning Server Cluster is a proprietary artificial intelligence that conducts testing and automated experimentation to learn and understand how to influence the thinking of key stakeholders and decision makers in your area. It achieves this by conducting automated experimentation and exploration using proprietary machine learning and cross matching algorithms to achieve its goal: Push, Pull and driving Demand.


Until lab automation, lab work used to be incredibly slow due to the intense, and exacting labor requirements. The artificial intelligence at the heart of this technology is conducting hundreds of experiments and analysis for you daily. Intelligent automation is what makes it possible.

What will be required of me and my employees?

There is very little to do on your part. We ask that you feed back to us which practices purchased so that we can feed that back to the AI machine learning. 

How will inquiries from new interested practices be delivered to me?

During our initial setup, we will attempt to integrate directly into whatever system you have in place. This process is flexible and designed to assist you in managing the incoming inquiry requests.

Can you show me a few examples?

We never share client information due to privacy, business and HIPAA reasons. However, we can give a few examples of recent programs we have been exploring.

Multi-Office Practice - Diversity of Procedures, Staffing, Membership Program

This example combined numerous objectives as a diverse targeting mission for the artificial intelligence. The system was able to identify which populations were the most productive for the practice, then harvest patients and procedures. Through adaptive analytics and follow-up, the system was able to average 583 appointments per month, and 36 membership plans per month. In addition, a total of 211 staffing inquiries.

Pediatric Dentistry Practice - Highly Focused Patient Types + Proximity

This example combined highly targeted patient types in proximity to the practice's office location. The system identified adults with appropriately aged children and added them to a potential patient list. Through adaptive follow-up combined with proximity tracking, the system was able to identify the physical homes of these parents, and then blanket the household with follow-up. The system averaged 588 parents per month, bringing new pediatric patients into the physical office for appointments.

Wellness Center - Specific Procedures + Proximity Targeting

This example combined procedure targeting with proximity of patients to the center. The system learned what specific target procedure searches were being conducted in real-time, combined with research being conducted on medical sites. Those potential patients were acquired, and the follow-up system learned how to drive those potential patients into the physical center location. The system averaged 566 physical office visits ​per month.

Women's Health Clinic - Specific Procedures + Focused Patient Types + Limited Capacity

This example combined specific procedure types along with a narrowly focused patient type. The system was able to identify clusters of the specific patient type using research and search terms, then track those users back into physical office visits. This clinic had hard limits on capacity. The system was able to adjust to ensure the clinic hit capacity each month.

Why are you offering this to medical equipment and technology companies?

The AI is for large pharmaceutical companies to target specific patient types. You will be helping us expose our follow-up artificial intelligence to additional patient types to improve its robustness and its ability to learn and utilize psychological influences.


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