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Zillow & Lead Intercept Technology

Client Acquisition

Lead Acquisition & AI Follow-Up

What is this program?

This is a client acquisition program that extracts 100% of leads from Zillow and, then converts them into clients through an automated, AI driven follow-up system.

What is the lead intercept and extraction technology?

Zillow and sold their user data to large 3rd party profiling companies. Through our partnership with several Fortune 500 companies, and those 3rd party databases, we can intercept 100% of all clients that enter any search criteria in Zillow or This includes location, price ranges, number of bedrooms, schools, and all search criteria.

What is the automated AI follow-up technology?
We have artificial intelligence follow-up technology that we built for Amazon, AT&T, and Samsung that analyzes, adapts and follows-up with all leads extracted from Zillow and

How is the follow-up conducted?

The AI utilizes advertising and text messaging to adaptively follow, analyze and make leads contact you by phone or text message. Alternatively, we can also have leads fill out forms on your website.

Is this new technology?

No. The intercept and extraction technology is 10 years old. The AI based follow-up is also old. These technologies are only utilized by large Fortune 500 companies who employ detailed user profiling. We are one such provider of artificial intelligence technologies for them.

What are the costs?

The partnerships and technology, as well as managing the artificial intelligence infrastructure is expensive. We make this technology available to large teams through a special subsidized program. For details contact us.

Why are you offering this to real estate teams?

We have numerous larger objectives. One such example is we would like to expose our follow-up artificial intelligence to additional client and target types to improve it's robustness. Another objective is to consider offering this technology to larger corporate brands (Century 21, Sotheby's, etc.).

What are the criteria for gaining access to this program?

Since we are currently only accepting 15 teams/organizations there is specific criteria in order for our testing diversity. As each slot fills, those criteria narrow. So be considered, please contact us.

Is this available to more than one team per county?

No. Even for large counties, due to artificial intelligence profiling objectives, we will only offer this program to one team per county.

What if my operation covers more than one county?

That's no problem. The artificial intelligence can be adapted to draw from multiple regions. During the program setup, you simply specify what territories you cover.

Is this appropriate for smaller teams?

No. This program requires an organizational structure to manage the lead flow which can be in the hundreds to low thousands per month (depending on the size of the area, and time of year).

What will be required of me and my organization?

There is very little to do on your part. We will ask that you feed back to us which leads turned into clients, or strong prospects so that we can feed that back to the artificial intelligence machine learning system. You also agree to permit us to use (anonymized) statistics gathered in case studies and white papers.

Will you continue to offer this service next year?

No. The maximum term for this program is one year. Our agreements with Zillow and only extend for one year. We anticipate Zillow and will not permit this type of access after our agreement expires. Next year we will still have access to Zillow and leads through different agreements, however the costs will be out of reach even for large teams.


Infuse Growth into Your Business At Will

What will happen.

First 30 Days: 

We will profile your territory. You specify the geographic area you wish to cover. This may include more than one county.

The artificial intelligence will analyze Zillow and historic and current flow rate to estimate the number of leads expected. This will be provided to you in your initial report.

We will set up your custom artificial intelligence and servers and the AI will begin capturing identify the potential clients in your area.

The artificial intelligence will begin following-up with those leads and developing it's follow-up profile for your area. This is highly specific to each region. Yours will be completely different from teams in other areas (even in the same state.)

This entire process usually takes 7 days.

Next 60-90 Days: 

Your AI will refine the types of clients you want based on your feedback and begin expanding it's capture profiles..

* Of course, each area is different, and there are seasonality shifts. However, you will have control with a high degree of certainty over how many clients to expect each month.


Each ​month the artificial intelligence will continue to refine and expand it's follow-up. You should expect consistently increased conversion from leads to clients.

How To Apply To The Program

This program is a restricted access program and is not available to the public. It is only available on an invitation only basis.

Due to the exclusive nature of this program** we ask that you discuss your business with us to see if your business qualifies. Use the form below to book a quick 15-minute briefing call.

** Due to program limitations, only one agent/team is permitted per county. If your business spans more than one county, we can adjust the Zillow and lead acquisition to cover those areas as well.

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