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Executive Summary

* 90 Day 200% ROI Guarantee
* 10-Year Proven Technology
* Now Available for Agents
* Unlimited New Clients
* Specify demographic.

(No Fees for 90 days. No long-term contract.)

* Restricted to one agent/team in your area.
Once taken, it is no longer available in your area.

Got Control?

The trick Fortune 500 companies use to have control and grow, no matter what.

No matter the economy. No matter the politics.
They always grow and thrive using this trick.

If we've learned anything in the past few years...


It's how little control we really have.

You don't control politics...

You don't control what happens in the world...

And you certainly don't control the economy...

So how do you grow your practice with so little control?


One per territory. Only available if your territory has not already been claimed.



Infuse Growth into Your Business At Will

The technology trick Fortune 500 companies use to control their growth.

Obviously, Fortune 500 companies have insanely large budgets for marketing and advertising.

Therefore, when they buy advertising...  they don't pay retail.

They pay wholesale... with disgustingly deep discounts.

It may surprise you that they only pay 10% of what you pay retail.

Cheaper is great... however...


There is a more important benefit: scale.

They can have as much as they want.

And at a 10th of the cost.

NOBODY can tell you "no" ...


You can essentially have as many new clients as you want.

How it works.

There is a massive pool of all advertising.

And it includes everything: TV, websites, social media, Google, everything.

In 2022 there were 40 billion opportunities per day... at 10% or less of retail.

Every single person who lives in your territory is reachable... at 10% of the cost.

That means you can reach, and influence... everyone.

We're bringing you an AI based technology and...

Collectively get you access to that wholesale pool of advertising.

No more "hope-mode". You can control as much as you want... at 10% of the cost.

Artificial Intelligence is Your Advantage

Artificial Intelligence in the right hands is immensely powerful.

We combined technology we built for Samsung with AI designed for Intel to bring you a specialized artificial intelligence capable of targeting specific insurance plans in your territory.

The AI will identify your future clients and...


Bring them to you.

At any volume you decide. It's in your control.

10 new clients this month? 1,000 new clients? 

It's in your control. You decide.

Everything is done-for-you.

  • Our engineering team based out of Nevada will set up custom servers, with custom artificial intelligence programming for your territory

  • If you have an existing system to accept new clients, we will try to connect into that system directly.

  • If you don't, we can assist you with a mechanism to accomplish the same thing.

  • You decide how many new clients to target, and from which demographics.

  • We will design and implement the plan and strategy to get those numbers for you.

  • Once you see the current flow rate of new clients... you decide if you want more clients, or to slow it down. It's in your control.

  • Ongoing management, adjustments, adaptation is handled by our team and artificial intelligence.

  • Within 30 days, you should see the first clients coming in. Within 90 days, you will have control over the entire population in your territory.

The 2023 Strategy

Phase 1: Acquire List of All Potential Clients

Owning a list of all the targeted clients in your area is a business asset...

That you can farm, and harvest for years.

So Phase 1 is let the A.I. identify all the potential clients in your territory, and compile them into a list.

You can even specify specific types.

This will be the first 30 days.

You can expect some clients during this phase, but it's not the goal. The list is the goal.

The net outcome is a list of every client in your entire area.

Phase 2: Determine the Cost Per Client

Once you know the average cost per client, you can figure out how to proceed.

When you have the costs per specific type of client...

You can plan your growth for 2023.

During this phase, the A.I. will analyze your area, and begin using different methods to acquire clients.

You should expect clients during this phase as well, however the cost per client and specific aspect of your business will vary as the A.I. is testing different mechanisms.

The net outcome is a specific cost for each type of client that you want.

Phase 3: You choose how many clients.

With a list of every client in your area, and you know the cost to obtain each client type, then ... 

You simply budget, and place an order for how many clients, and each type you want that month.

Since the A.I. will have your entire area mapped, and analyzed, it will then ...


Get those clients for you, and...

You can plan and have control of your growth for 2023.

The net outcome is that you have complete control over how much you grow, and how fast.

The Financials

The situation is that to grow your business, you need control of the flow of new clients.

And that's how you can think and operate more as a business owner.

That's impossible without control.

To grow your business, you need the control to choose what your growth rate is. Depending on where your business is in transitioning from "Self-employed" to to a strategic business owner ... you can choose for your desired growth rate.

INFUSEai will then bring you new clients, and in the quantity you want...


At each stage of growth.

WARNING: Strict Limitations

This technology targets specific client types in a given territory, then delivers them to one business. In order for us to deliver any quantity the business desires, we can only offer this to one business of each type.

In blatant terms, no sharing, this is a winner-takes-all situation.

The business that claims their territory will define the boundaries they want to draw from. Once those boundaries are laid down, we will not permit a competing practice to encroach.

This is necessary for us to deliver the quantities necessary for that "winning-business" to grow to their desired size and rate.

If your territory is already claimed, we apologize that we cannot serve you.

What will happen.

First 30 Days: 

We will profile your territory. You can specify: city, county, or a driving radius around your business. Once you claim your territory, it's yours. It will not be offered to your competitors so you can have unlimited new clients from your territory.**

We will set up your custom artificial intelligence and servers and the AI will identify the potential clients in your area.

* You can expect your first new clients in these first 30 days.

Next 60-90 Days: 

Your AI will refine the types of clients you want based on your feedback. In the end, you will know exactly what your cost per client type is.

This means that now you can decide how many of each client type you want every month, and you literally "order" how many clients you want.

* Of course, each area is different, and there are seasonality shifts. However, you will have control with a high degree of certainty, to choose how many clients you want each month.


Each ​month you choose how many, and which client types you want so you can grow your business with control, and at the rate that you choose.

** To ensure that each business can have the full potential of clients per region, once a region is taken, you will not be permitted into the program. This is a one-business-takes-all situation in order to fulfill growth goals of that business. The business will define the territory including entire counties/regions. So it is very possibly that your city will not be available as well. We will however offer a waiting list if your territory is already claimed.


Setup Fee: $1,500

Technology Costs: $30,000/Year


Advertising Budget: Every month you will allocate an advertising budget with a minimum of 2500/month. If you are in a smaller area, we can make other arrangements.

Contract: Annual contract.


Program Obligations: All Participants have the desire to grow their business in 2023.


After a 200%+ return on investment within 90 days you can...

  • Accept a discounted annual contract.

  • Continue this program month-to-month

  • Once you have received a 200% ROI within 90 days, you may choose to cancel by paying a $1,000 cancellation fee.

Program Guarantee: The first 90 days are at zero fees. You pay no setup or technology fees for the first 90 days. You may cancel at any time before reporting a 200%+ ROI. If you choose to cancel, there is zero obligations.

Availability: One agent/team per territory*


** While supplies last. Only one business type permitted per territory. Check for availability online or ask through chat.

*** There is a minimum ad spend of 2500/month.

**** Once the program is full, we will no longer be accepting participants for this one-time program.

Reserve Your Territory

Due to the exclusive nature of this program** we ask that you discuss your business with us to see if your business qualifies. Use the form below to book a quick 15-minute briefing call.

** To ensure that each agent/team can have the full potential of clients per territory, once a territory is taken, you will not be permitted into the program. This is a one-agent-takes-all situation in order to fulfill growth goals of that agent. The agent will define the territory including entire counties/regions. So it is very possibly that your city will not be available as well.

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